A sheepish post

I had fully intended to post on a regular basis starting only a day after the initial launch day. However, it hasn’t gone according to my plan (insert lesson here). I will post a new painting that I finished two weeks ago. It’s part of a series of pieces called Convergence: Earth and Water II. I won’t get into the details of the title here, but it’s a word that caught me last summer and has been working its magic ever since. In fact, it’s the title of an upcoming show that I am part of in March at the Terrace Art Gallery. I have the pleasure of showing with two wonderful artists: Amy Warner and Melina Jacques.

Earth and Water I

Convergence: Earth and Water II

The photo was kindly taken by Lois, an artist friend of mine whose camera is far superior to mine for indoor shots, while she was visiting on the weekend. It’s a smidge out of focus, but you get the idea (let’s consider this an informal sharing).

A new camera, with manual white balance, adjustable exposure time, and changable lenses, is on my list of things to buy some time soon.

I am going to post more regularily (I almost wrote “will try to post” but don’t like the wishy-washy nature of that at all – be active not passive).



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