Sunrise on Picasso’s grave

One of my favourite parts of writing university papers for my english proffessors was creating the title. Sometimes they were clever, sometimes funny, and sometimes (and not often) kind of profound. I would like to tap back in to that creative title making for my blog.

This title was my second attempt moments ago at giving this entry a descent title. I think it might make more sense once you see the photo, if you haven’t already.



I wasn’t trying to contact the energy being that was once Picasso while painting this. It was actually part of a five panel piece I was working on that seems to have lost steam. Since I think this is strong enough to stand alone I am putting it  in my art show which opens two weeks from tomorrow (oh how the pressure of that illusion of time persuades my chest to cave in).

Sunrise was going to be cut on the radial arm saw into three pieces and placed between the other panels as the five panel piece was experienced from the darkness before dawn to the full light of day.

I worked on this piece while my friend Sheila Karrow was visiting back in December. She was also working on a piece in my studio at the same time (what a pleasure to watch someone of her calibre paint). She is also a huge fan of Picasso and cubism in general. I think her presence influenced me while I painted this.

Hope you enjoy this one and feel free to comment.



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2 Responses to “Sunrise on Picasso’s grave”

  1. jessicadoyle Says:

    It’s always neet to see what happened when we are working beside or with someone else creative. It usually does effect the outcome of what we are (creating) working on.

    I like your title. It is apt and the painting has much weight, shadow and play.

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thanks Jessica. I think it’s important to have a community of like-minded people to share with. It’s taken almost two years, but now I am surrounded by creative friends and it’s awesome. Some of that is even through the internet, which is a phenomenal way to meet other artists and share ideas.

    Thanks for your comment (I love hearing people’s thoughts).


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