A comfortable hiding place

We tend to get stuck in mental patterns, whether we are aware of it or not. Some of these patterns do not help us grow and unfold into who we are, but instead contain us, trap us, and keep us from experiencing the joy of who we are and the people in our lives. Sometimes we take refuge in those patterns. They become a hiding place for us. A place so comfortable and familiar that we almost don’t want to let go of those patterns.

For me, one of the goals is to recognise those patterns and let them go. Listening to myself when I talk with people, when they talk, or while I am alone with just my thoughts and mental patterns.

Sometimes people enter our lives who can offer us the potential to recognise those patterns within us. It takes courage to want to face those patterns and release yourself from their grasp.

This painting is about my own suffering and  my journey to attempt erradication of those patterns and comfortable hiding places.

I take refuge in the suffering of my past

I take refuge in the suffering of my past

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