A homage to mothers

I recently finished a piece for a friend of mine. His mother passed away the same year that mine did. We are about the same age and of very similar personalities, and this event affected us both in the same way. Even though this was five years ago for me and just over four for him we still talk about the impact of this change in our lives and how we still hold our mothers close to us.

I can’t share the story of the piece itself as that is his story, told through my interpretation, but I can say that it touched me to create this and touched him to receive it. I got his permission to put it in my upcoming show that opens Friday at the Terrace Art Gallery.

Homage to a mother. 6X6 mixed media on a cradled panel

Homage to a mother ~ 6X6 mixed media on a cradled panel

We discussed the title and he chose the first of about eight titles I had written down. He chose this title because our feelings are universal.



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5 Responses to “A homage to mothers”

  1. Joanne Licsko Says:

    I can feel this intensely. What a beautiful way of expressing it!

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thank you Joanne, this is a small but potent piece. At my opening I had the owner of this piece and the best friend of his mother there. They both ended up in tears remembering that day four years ago. I have a hard time expressing how honoured I felt to be a conduit for that experience for them.


  3. daniela elza Says:

    this is a beautiful and inspiring piece of work. my crows are loving it.
    thank you for sharing it with me

  4. Strange Places » what remains Says:

    […] Feddersen, shared a poem with me and a piece of art he designed with a crow in it, which I loved. Here it is, read about what inspired […]

  5. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thank you Daniela. Thank you for coming to Terrace to read and share your art. It was a beautiful evening.

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