Opening night

Well, last night was the opening of my show with Amy Warner and Melina Jacques at the Terrace Art Gallery. It went very well. 94 people came and shared their thoughts on the variety of artwork.

Amy and I collaborated on three pieces, one of which we were giving away in a draw at 8:00. Leah MacKay was the lucky winner and after some deliberation she chose Convergence: Human and Human I. It was interesting to hear which piece of the three people would have chossen if they had won. It was a great idea and makes me want to try more collaborations in the future.

I will get some photos of the show and post them soon.



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2 Responses to “Opening night”

  1. AscenderRisesAbove Says:

    Congratulations on the exhibit! Hoping it all sells and you dont have to bring any home. !

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thanks ARA! Five down and nineteen to go. I see that we think the same way. Hope your show sells out also.


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