ISOs, F-stops, buttons and dials

Well, I decided to spend some money on something that I really “need”. My old digital camera, that takes amazing outdoor photos of the mountains while backcountry skiing, does not take good photos of art pieces.

I have been researching cameras for a couple of months now and decided early on that I would go with a Canon. This brand was recommended to me by the wife of a professional photographer so I trust her judgement (certainly compared to mine). I was pretty much settled on the Canon Powershot G10. I read a great blog review by Bill Lockhart who has taken some amazing photos with this camera. Bill did say that it doesn’t take great photos at high ISO numbers though (what does that even mean?). He had a photo of a lamp that wasn’t great (he said the camera was noisy, so I thought, “Why was the camera making so much sound at that setting?” but apparently “noise” is a photo term for grainy). This made me nervous since I want to take photos of my paintings and my eggs (which require a great deal of detail).

Anyway, my local Staples had this camera on sale until the 10th – so I had a decision to make, and quick (or at least that’s what I told myself when I was convincing myself to buy it). Since I sold three pieces on opening night I decided that now was the time to do this.

I charged the battery and set it to auto (this is the setting for camera-illiterate people like me) and snapped a couple photos. Now, the point here is not what is shot, but that it’s a better photo than my old camera would take. I didn’t set it up on a tripod or anything, just held it in my shaky hands. This photo is NOT about the drawing, which is just a quick 20-30 minute sketch for a project I have started.

First photo with my new Canon G10 camera!

First photo with my new Canon G10 camera!

There are so many buttons and gizmo thingies on this camera I don’t know where to start. I am not technologically challenged, but this is a stretch for me. I look forward to learning about ISOs, F-stops,  and whatever these number and dial things are on top.



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2 Responses to “ISOs, F-stops, buttons and dials”

  1. AscenderRisesAbove Says:

    I love my digital; a panasonic Lumix; have had it for a year and still do not know what all the buttons mean!

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    What fantastic news!! If I could take as nice of photos as you without knowing how to use all the buttons I would be exuberant!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed yours, and particularily your output, for almost a year now.


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