Gorging on Humble Pie

I recently decided that I need to become better at drawing. I agree that drawing is the foundation for painting (even abstract painting, but this isn’t the place for that conversation).

I have always considered myself to be pretty good at drawing too. In high-school I was almost as good as the two guys I admired for their ability to draw girls from magazines very realistically (Cosmo, not Playboy).

So I thought that learning how to draw would be a pretty quick situation to cover and then get on to the matter of life drawing; which I already recognise as a weakness for me.

I decided to draw the first image that I liked from the book, “The Practice and Science of Drawing.” Although I haven’t read it yet, I know it’s a good book from the reviews I read. I do like the images in there.


This should be easy enough

This should be easy enough


So I flew at this one giving myself 20 minutes to draw it. Should be easy enough – straight lines and a couple of curves. Not so. I couldn’t even keep the image in the box! I didn’t want to erase (being a purist – didn’t take long to let go of that belief) so I left it ‘as is’.

For the second one I decided that I would draw an X from corner to corner to give myself some reference lines. Now it’ll be easy for sure. The good news is that I kept inside the lines (wicked memories of kindergarten colouring class flood my bloodstream and chill me to the bone, “Stay inside the lines. Stay inside the lines.”).


X marks the spot

X marks the spot


It was an improvement, but certainly not an exact replica. Okay, one more time should do it.

I added a cross. I almost felt guilty about adding so many reference lines as it felt like cheating. But, in the name of quality reproduction I would do it.


+ medic, call a medic!

+ medic, call a medic!


Someone squashed this guys head. For the love of god what have I done? Each time I finished I would hold the original on top of the drawing against a window to see how close I was. This was the closest so far and almost good enough to make me happy. Perfection is my Siren though, and I hate to admit my attraction and weakness for her.

Then I decided to do one more. This time making the full-blown triangle dangle (doesn’t make sense but I like the rhyme, pathetic I know). I may have overdone the reference lines here, but I HAD TO FEEL LIKE I COULD DO THIS. I mean seriously, how hard can it be to see a line and draw that line. C’mon, this is as easy as it gets.


Maybe 100 triangles would be enough

Maybe 100 triangles would be enough


Well, 8,000 calories of Humble Pie later I feel bloated, over worked, underpaid, and spent. Once I pass this pie I am going back for more.



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2 Responses to “Gorging on Humble Pie”

  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thank you Matt. I would love to hear what interests you specifically, if I may be so forward. I love hearing people’s thoughts on things.

    I tried to go to your blog but it didn’t work. I hope you can share the link again.


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