Lessons on drawing

I recently finished reading Harold Speed’s classic book ThePractice and Science of Drawing. It was originally published in 1917 and is currently published through Dover.

Harold Speed - The Practice and Science of Drawing

Harold Speed - The Practice and Science of Drawing

Speed breaks drawing into two components: Line drawing and Mass drawing. Line drawing is what we see (or think we see) when we look at something. We imagine an outline to the object we are viewing. Mass drawing is what we experience. Mass drawing is about the form of the object instead of the outline.

Speed also has some amazing chapters on composition, balance, portrait drawing, and kinds of lines/brushstrokes.

There are many great images to copy for practice or to study. I have attempted a couple and even posted one on this blog here.

It’s an inexpensive purchase and well worth your money. Certainly the kind of book you could reread many times and find fresh thoughts to ponder. This is an inexpensive addition to your personal library. If you would like to purchase it, you can do that HERE.



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2 Responses to “Lessons on drawing”


    i whant learn this

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    I would recommend reading Speed’s book for a start. You can probably get it from your local library, or they can order it in for you. Better yet would be to buy it. It’s a “must have” reference book. I could use a reread I bet too. Good luck and have fun.


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