Facelift and a little tummy tuck

I decided to give my website a new look recently. Since I purchased an iMac I hadn’t been able to use FrontPage, the Microsoft program that was on my old computer. It’s not that a mac can’t run that program, but I just wasn’t into getting it for the mac. All macs come with iWeb, a web building program. What took me two or three weeks a couple years ago with FrontPage only took me two days with iWeb. The program, with the help of google and very knowledgeable people in the internet world, was simple to use and has been easy to update and make changes to. Just another reason, on the vast list, to buy a mac.

If you have never visited my website you can access it HERE. I have never posted any of my carving on this blog, something that I am going to change soon. So what you’ll find there is completely different from what you’ve found here.

Here’s a photo from my carving page (I may be changing the carving page to “Gallery” soon as I’ve had some new ideas pop into my head lately). This piece was carved from a Rhea egg. It’s called “The Hawthorn King” and the flowers you see are from the Hawthorn tree. The Hawthorn flower symbolizes hope.

If you have any suggestions for improvements please leave them in the comment box. I love to hear other people’s ideas.




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