Winter Solstice

Tonight was the opening night of the Winter Solstice show at the Terrace Art Gallery. There are many great pieces in this show, which will roll through the Christmas Holidays.

I put in a painting called An Incision in Winter’s Decadent Stillness. I have been spending time with different finishes lately. I am fascinated by the reflective nature of certain mediums. In this painting I have a gloss background,  matte finish trees, and the textured “incision” is semigloss. What doesn’t show in the photo is how the light plays with these three finishes in a different way. The acrylic painting is on a 6″x27″ cradled panel. If you would like to purchase it please contact the art gallery coordinator at The purchase price is $375 plus shipping.


I also put some carved goose eggs in this show. Four “lampshades,” which are what I call the carved half shells that hang from a stand. This one is called Carousel no.1 and is from my production line. These are available for $125 plus shipping.


I also put a full goose egg in this show. The title for this is Summoning Intuition. I am going to write a separate post on this piece because the process I used to create it was different for me. If you would like to purchase it please contact the coordinator of the gallery at The purchase price is $195 plus shipping.


As I said, I will post the story of this egg in the coming days.

For those of you who will celebrate the Winter Solstice this year, it occurs on December 21st at 11:38 pm according to





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2 Responses to “Winter Solstice”

  1. Noreen Says:

    This photograph doesn’t begin to do justice to your painting. Can I try to photograph it? I never had time to photograph either of my paintings so I plan to go down with my camera and ask Jim if I can photograph them in the gallery. Doesn’t always work very well, but worth a try.

    Your eggs are exquisite!

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Absolutely Noreen. I am not a good photographer. It’s something I have wanted to learn, but don’t have the time. I always have to fool around with the photos to try and make them look in the photo as they do in real life. I had toyed with the idea of taking lessons with one of the local photographers, but again, I have a time problem.

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