The Heart of Life is Good

I’m not one for adding things to my carving, but I did for the Winter Solstice show at the Terrace Art Gallery. I’ve had this drawing in my sketchbook for a number of years and decided that now was the time to try this one. Once I started working with the egg though I realised it wasn’t going to be exactly as I had drawn it. In the original drawing I had thin arms coming down from the top. I didn’t feel this was possible because of the fragility of the goose egg. It would probably work on an ostrich egg though.

Here you can see how I created a template, which I then flipped over to get a mirror image on the other side. This shows some of the mathematical precision of egg carving that I really enjoy. Dissecting and oval-tapering-sphere into halfs, quarters, fifths, sixths, and eighths is fun, and sometimes very trying.

I then bought a Swarovski Crystal for the middle of the egg. Getting this crystal to hang in the middle of this empty space was a challenge that was beyond me at the time. I trudged down to the local craft store and got a much needed tutorial on how to hang the crystal using gold hoops. I ended up making a one off loop system so I can remove the crystal for shipping, thereby minimizing the potential for breakage. I even bought fancy pliers that let you create hooks and small hoops from long gold pins.

Swarovski Crystal

I have a dirty secret to admit to. I was listening to a lot of John Mayer while getting these eggs ready for the show and this one didn’t have a title while I was working on it. I love the guitar work Mayer has in the song The Heart of Life, as well as others, so I decided to listen carefully to the lyrics. They are heart warming so I decided to go for it. I think the two things coexist in a reasonable manner.






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