Where Jonsi and Chris Berens intersect

I love music, and I mean love. I really don’t think that I haven’t listened to music for a whole day since I was a teenager almost 20 years ago. I also love art, but probably not as much as music. Sometimes, but very rarely, I will be listening to music and it will make me see art in my mind’s eye. This did happen today though.

I was driving to a friend’s place to work on a painting and I was listening to Jonsi’s new album Go.

As I reached the fourth track, Boy Lilikoi, I was struck by the images from Amsterdam’s own Chris Berens. What was particularly interesting about this was the specificity of the images. They were from Chris’ Leeuwehart series. Click on Chris’ name to see his website, and click on Leeuwehart to see the series itself. Here’s the promo painting from Chris’ show opening.

Maybe you see a connection too? Maybe not.




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