Shames Mountain and backcountry skiing

I had an amazing morning ski yesterday and thought others may enjoy some of the photos I took. These are from Shames Mountain in Terrace BC. Shames is considered one of the best backcountry skiing areas in all of BC ,and there was even an article in a snowboard magazine from the states(?) that said Shames is a gem hidden within all of North America (this is a super paraphrase as it was years ago and I can’t remember it). It is an awesome place to backcountry ski.

I took these photos on my Canon G10 with no special lens. I switched between the scene options of snow and landscape. For the close up shots I changed from the mountain to the flower button (very technical photo language here. I apologise to the amateur photographers who may not understand what I’m speaking of).

Click on any photo to make it larger.


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3 Responses to “Shames Mountain and backcountry skiing”

  1. Noreen Says:

    absolutely stunning!

  2. brad Says:

    Hey Harold – Beautiful images, you should consider entering them in the “expose yourself” photo comp at – new skis/bindings and cat skiing to name a few of the great prizes, check it out and consider it?

  3. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thanks Brad. I’m not that great at taking photos, but I could seriously use some new gear. I’ll look into the comp and seriously consider it. Thanks for checking out my photos and thanks for the compliment.

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