Summoning Love & Strength

Summoning Love & Strength

I completed a commission this week and thought I’d write a blog post about it. It is for a wedding, and when I was told about the couple my mind wandered around about what marriage takes to be successful. I came upon two supports: Love & Strength. Here’s the letter I wrote to the couple.

Dear Jon and Jessica,

What is created when two individuals join in marriage? I believe that when two whole and complete people come together to celebrate their individuality their relationship becomes an expression of the greatness of each person. This union brings forth something to the world that was not there before.

There are two components, or halves, to any relationship: Love & Strength. The circles in this piece represent your individuality, your tapped and untapped potential. You are coming together to create an interlock of your individual beauty and expression. The hearts express the two unique shapes of each of your personalities that, when together, create something new that cannot be created alone. You are surrounded by your love for each other. Your love can also been seen through you (the hearts are visible through the centre of the circle of your individuality).

You two are embarking on a life together that with both inspire others with your love and your strength. Love as the expression of the divine within each of you as well as the divine love created with your union. Strength for the times when challenges surface within life and your relationship. I wish you both the greatest life you can possibly create together. It has been an honour to ponder the power of love and strength while creating this art for you.

peace and love,


Since I enjoy seeing artists through their process, I am going to share a couple photos of the journey and then the finished product.


Other side

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3 Responses to “Summoning Love & Strength”

  1. ellyhuizinga Says:

    Wauw!! It is amazing. With what do you cut it? With a special knife or little saw ?
    Must be very difficult. It is strong and fragile together, really magnificent!

  2. love note « alevenificokseviyo Says:

    […] […]

  3. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thanks for the pingback alevenificokseviyo.

    Ellyuizinga, thank you for your kind words. I use a modified dentist drill that runs on an air compressor. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult so much as delicate and super fragile, which is one of the reasons I love eggshells.
    I have two more commissions due by early June so if you check back, or subscribe, you will see more shortly. Then, that’s it for a while as I am focusing on painting right now.

    Thanks again,

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