Who is this guy?

I am an artist living on the west coast of Canada.  I work in two mediums, egg shell and painting. I carve ostrich, rhea, emu, and goose eggs using a modified dentist drill. My paintings usually fall into the abstract category. I work almost exclusively in acrylic using a variety of techniques and additional materials (mixed media).

Thanks for visiting.



6 Responses to “Who is this guy?”

  1. Joanne Licsko Says:

    Hello Harold,
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
    I have just visited your blog and then went on to your website. Your work is so spectacular! Both paintings and carvings are unique.
    I am also pleased to find a fellow B.C.er. I am a B.C. native from the Gulf Islands, Southern Vancouver Island area. Your shots of the Heron and the young bald eagle brings back haunting memories. I am stuck in California but hoping to move back soon. Very nice to meet you,
    Joanne Licsko.

  2. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Joanne, thank you for visiting my little place in the virtual universe. It’s so neat that you are a Canadian!! It would make us all proud to have you rejoin us here in BC (and maybe give painting lessons, wink-wink-nudge-nudge).


  3. Monika Hausmann Says:

    Beautifully carved eggs! When did you start carving, and what inspired you to use eggshells as the medium of expression?

  4. haroldfeddersen Says:

    Thank you Monika. I started probably around 10 years ago, but haven’t completed one in the last number of years. The medium just fit for me. I like the delicate nature of the shell; it’s fragility. Eggs are also symbolic and literal concepts for us humans, and that is important to me also.


  5. Klaas hesselink Says:

    I think this is an amazing miss representation of “this guy”.
    This Guy is an incredible artist two mediums could not satisfy his creativity “this guy” uses all of his senses to create the worlds around him ..I know him to play incredible guitar… likely other instruments are comfortable in his hands. Just like brushes, pencils , keyboards , tiny grinders, charcoal…. and golf balls are submissive to his creative mind and hands.
    “This guy” will be Canada’s great treasure once he can show his capabilities past the mountains that nourished him .

  6. Harold Says:

    Klaas, your kind words touch my heart. I think of you often, and fondly my friend. I look forward to seeing you again and getting in some tiny ping pong. 🙂

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