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Altered Book Art, and catch up

September 9, 2014

Wow, it has been a long time since I have posted anything. Of course, a lot has been created since then. Off the top of my head, I created a bunch of pieces for an art show I co-curated this previous March called “The Art of Paper” where the pieces in the show had to be made of/from paper. Here is one of my favourites, a piece called “The Sacred Within”. It is paper cut approximately 36″x50″.



I have also written five classical guitar pieces, small pieces. You can see those here.

In August I had a piece in the Terrace Art Gallery’s summer member show. The piece I entered is called “We Give OURSELVESĀ Permission to Kill You” and came from this realisation that we are the ones that say it is okay to kill other people. It is an altered book.

We Give Ourselves Permission to Kill You

We Give OURSELVESĀ Permission to Kill You


Thanks for reading. Keep on letting out the artist you are into this world. We need you to be YOU.




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