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Autumn leaves

October 2, 2014

Droplets fall

on soaked deck

with autumn leaves





January 13, 2013


Wet red leaves
fall to frozen
white earth

These leaves
were severed
Not allowed to run
the race of life

only to fall
like parents’
tears left
in grief

My heart goes out to all involved in the Newton Connecticut community.

Memories of an almost forgotten boy

March 16, 2009

I am not one for reminiscing, but every once in a while something strikes a chord which resonates back to my past. There is a piece in my current show that did just such a thing. So much so that I even found myself writing about it; the memory that is.

Memories of Frank’s Field

An eight year old boy
laying and playing
in a field of  tall grass
The purity of his joy
not yet a distant memory
held tight by the husks of grass
as tall as himself

Memories of Frank's Field

Memories of Frank's Field

This is a gelatin monoprint. I like the ghost image of the grass. I lived behind what I then called Frank’s Field. I now know that Frank didn’t own that field but one across the road. I used to suck the sugar out of the purple clover, yummy.

I am happy to announce that this piece sold opening night.


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