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Healing Pot

May 7, 2016

The final piece I made in my first six-week pottery class was a healing pot. The idea behind it is that you write down your fear, anger, frustrations, or anything that is blocking you up inside, then you set the paperĀ on fire and put it in the pot to burn away the blockage. I made this for a lady who is going through cancer treatment, again. She is a woman with a heart larger than her body can contain. You know the kind, the ones who go out of their own way and comfort to make your life better. Her generosity reminds me of my mother’s generosity – selfless – which is maybe why I have such an affinity for her. I hope this little pot helps along her healing journey. The pussy willow was gathered for me by her. She tromped through knee-high marsh to get it for me. I thought it a lovely return.






May 2, 2016

I recently took a six-week pottery class. It was a wheel class so everything we made was on the wheel as opposed to a hand-building class. I have never worked in clay, but have always loved looking at pottery. So, I felt pretty confident that this would be rather easy. Sometimes I make myself laugh, and this was one of those times. Pottery is hard! Nonetheless it was fun and I signed up for another six-week class that begins this Sunday. Here are some of the results.

There is one pot not pictured here because I am still making the handle for that one. I will post it once complete.




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